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Tips to Organizing a LGBT Lecture

LGBT advocates will need to conduct a series of lectures in order to present relevant issues to people who need to understand them, such as policymakers and the academe. No doubt, a great deal of preparation is important if you’re organizing a discussion. It can get tedious, but the results are still satisfying at the end of the day.

Here are a few tips to help you organizing a successful LGBT lecture.

date - Tips to Organizing a LGBT Lecture

Set the date

When is the lecture going to happen? Setting a schedule is as basic as it comes, but it’s in fact very crucial, especially if you’re planning to talk about recent issues. In this sense, you will have to look for a workable and strategic date so you can maximize the number of attendees. A good choice is to hold the lecture on an LGBT-related holiday.

Invite authority figures over

It won’t be a successful lecture without the right speakers to lead the charge. Depending on the overall theme of the event, you will need to find experts and influencers who can weigh on the topics they are assigned to tackle. If you’re emphasizing the impact of government policies to the LGBT community, you can invite resource speakers who have authored related legislation.

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Reserve a proper venue

Aside from making arrangements for the event proper, you still have to set up the location and venue. If you’re planning to keep your costs low, opt to hold a lecture at a University. You can talk to an on-campus LGBT organization which can help set up the venue for you. That way, you won’t be able to pay a great deal, though you may get charged for extras such as the use of lights and audio equipment.

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Sex, Vibrators, and Music, Oh My!

Music has this amazing ability to touch ones soul. Music is able to make us feel emotions. Sad and happy are the two emotions most commonly conveyed through music. There are other emotions that music can help us feel. The one that we are going to discuss today is  a bit out there, and maybe a bit taboo. Horny. The fact of the matter is, many people enjoy listening to music while masturbating or having sex. Music is able to make almost all experiences more enjoyable, why not orgasming?

Grab your favorite vibrator, put on your favorite love song and listen up. If you don’t have a good vibrator you can always check out friendlyhostility. Were going to go over some of the best songs to listen to while masturbating or having sex.

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