icon - AboutRainbow World Radio was first conceived as an alternative rock radio during the early 2000s by college student Robert Cross. It played tracks from the top indie bands in the United States over the Internet. In fact, several acts have made their start on Rainbow World Radio: Speaker Settings, Mallory, The Funny Side of Life, Sphinx, and The Boxer Codex.

Cross would later diversify the content to include interviews and panel discussions that are close to Cross’ heart, namely LGBT issues and the challenges the community is facing, along with other marginalized groups. Programs include Talk Back where Cross faces off with experts who have different view of the LGBT agenda, and The Gay Jean, where commentator Jean Malankian weighs down on policy issues and other events that are impacting the LGBT movement.

Cross dropped out from college to focus more on nurturing Rainbow World Radio into a brand of its own. Boasting an audienceship consisting of late Generation X-ers and Millennials, the radio has become an important voice for advancing the needs of the LGBT community. Since then, it has joined several movements and organized lectures that center on LGBT rights. It has also been instrumental in gaining support for candidates considered as allies of the movement.

In 2010, Rainbow World Radio opened an account on SoundCloud where it uploads fresh new content every day. The content has included a diverse range of programs, all the while keeping its core programs. As a result, it has nurtured a strong online base.  Several celebrities have also guested on these programs.

The current lineup of shows include The Standing Line, Healthcare Update, The Bad and the Queer, Afro-America, The Gay Jean, and Talk Back. Its music programs include the Top 10 List, New Bloods, 80s Tidal Wave, and Electro Tuesdays.

New Bloods is a show hosted by Elsie Randolph and features demos from amateur bands. Know any bands that might want to make it big in the local indie scene? We’re accepting demo tapes from any genre. Please send it over to             3824 Braxton Street, Manteno, IL 60950 so we can have a better look at it and give you the airtime you deserve!

Rainbow World Radio continues to gain support for its causes. We are also open for donations and submissions to our weekly blog. Either way, you may contact Bobby at