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How to Start an Indie Band

If you’re going to start an indie band with friends, you need more than just a shot of whiskey and a bottle of confidence. But hey, at least you’re on the right track! It doesn’t take a great deal of time to start an act that could make it big – internationally.

It might seem like a long shot, but it’s possible. You just need to get past a few challenges along the way.

Here are a few things to remember when starting an indie band.

people - How to Start an Indie Band

Get the right people

First of all, you need talents. And not just ordinary people you can pull from the street. You need people who can give your band life. It’s important along these lines that you focus on holding auditions in order to scout for people with the right skill sets. When advertising the auditions, it’s important to be very specific as to the qualifications you have set. Looking for a guitarist? Opt for someone who has a jazz background.

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Find your niche

Another important tip is to determine the market your band is aiming for. In other words, you need to know the genre in which you belong. You could be a math rock band or a techno-industrial-folk-Chilean-experimental band with death metal overtones, or you could be an electro-Armenian-punk duo. Whichever gimmick you choose, make sure that you stay committed to it.

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Invest in the right equipment

Of course, you can’t be a band without any instruments, but you don’t have to spend too much to make beautiful music. Secondhand guitars, amps, and drum kits are already enough since they make the iconic indie sound that’s raw and sentimental in a way. Any instrument will do after all, so don’t worry about money matters. It’s the music that matters, man!

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How to Prep for a Live Performance

If you think you’re prepare for your very own live performance, well think again! It’s not easy to stand in front of an audience for the first time and perform like a real rock star. Anything can happen onstage, from faulty audio right down to stage fright.

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to deny it, you’re almost always unprepared for what’s to come. In this sense, it’s important that you prep yourself up for any live performance no matter how small a stage you’ll be performing.

That being said, let’s look at a few different ways that should help make your live performance stand out.

performance - How to Prep for a Live Performance

Visit the venue

It helps you visit the venue itself to get a good feel of the environment. At least by then, you won’t be able to feel anxious and uncertain about your performance.

Take a deep breath

We all know how cliché this sounds, but taking a deep breath actually works, especially if you’re prone to panic attacks. So, before your performance, you should be able to draw in enough air to calm yourself down. For sure, anxiety will definitely affect your performance onstage, so make sure to give yourself a moment’s respite.

coffee - How to Prep for a Live Performance

Avoid caffeine

It’s fine if a shot of espresso helps you relax when your body is already immune to it. Then again, if you’re not totally used to it, it’s best that you avoid caffeine altogether. For sure, you don’t want to be a nervous wreck when you’re dealing with a crowd that’s eager to hear you perform.

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Huddle up with the band

A few minutes before your set, make sure to meet with your bandmates for one last “orientation.” There’s not much you’re going to say during the huddle, except for words of encouragement. After all, you need all the motivation you can get to perform well enough for the whole crowd.

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